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Prague Conference

Presented by the New York Open Center in association with Gnosis Magazine, Esotera (Germany), & Universalia (Prague).

Prague, Alchemy, and the Hermetic Tradition

Join us for four unforgettable days in the Czech Republic with:

Christopher Bamford - Sunset of the Renaissance
Cherry Gilchrist - The Visionary Tradition in Alchemy
Joscelyn Godwin - Alchemy and the Prague Imagination
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke - John Dee and Renaissance Magic
Christopher McIntosh - The Eternal Dream of Transmutation
Adam McLean - The World of Rudolfine Alchemy
Robert Powell - Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Rudolf II, and the Prague Hermetic Renaissance

August 29- September 2, 1997 in Prague

In the year 1600, Prague was the greatest center in Europe for the study of alchemy, hermetic philosophy, and Kabbalah. The newly created imperial capital, it was ruled by the Emperor Rudolf II who was himself deeply involved in esoteric pursuits. This year the beautiful capital of the ancient kingdom of Bohemia is celebrating the Year of Rudolf II with a summer-long festival of art, music, and cultural events in honor of that magical Renaissance period.
This special conference on alchemy and the hermetic tradition presented by the NY Open Center, GNOSIS, and our European counterparts, will be a parallel event to the festival. Continuing the work begun in 1995 with our unforgettable conference on the Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited, also held in the Czech Republic, we will explore this mysteriously powerful period of Central European history, when the Western Mystery Tradition was embraced and practiced in a manner that no succeeding time has rivaled.

The estimated cost of the full four-day conference is $380 prior to May 15th; $430 after May 15th. Meals are $150. Accomodations range from $140 to $240 for the complete conference.
These are estimated costs as of press time and are subject to change. See brochure for further information.

If you missed our acclaimed 1995 conference, you will not want to miss this opportunity!

A complete brochure will be forthcoming with further information on programs, travel, and accomodations.

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