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Alchemical reading list

Introductory reading list on alchemy.

General surveys:-
Burland, Cottie. The arts of the Alchemists.
Read, John. Prelude to Chemistry.
Klossowski de Rola, Stanislas. Alchemy : the secret art.
Coudert, Allison. Alchemy: the philosopher's stone.
Burckhardt, Titus. Alchemy. Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul.

Practical alchemy:-
Albertus, Frater. An alchemist's handbook.
Junius, Manfred. Practical Handbook of Plant alchemy.
Barbault, Armand. Gold of a Thousand Mornings.

Haeffner, Mark. The Dictionary of alchemy.
Ruland, Martin. The Lexicon of alchemy.

Psychological/Jungian interpretation:-
Jung, Carl Gustav. Psychology and Alchemy.

Books with images:-
Klossowski de Rola. Stanislas. Alchemy : the secret art.
Klossowski de Rola. The Golden Game.
Fabricius, Johannes. Alchemy. The Medieval Alchemists and their Royal Art.
Roob, Alexander. Alchemy and mysticism. The hermetic museum.

Alchemical Symbols:-
Gettings, Fred. Dictionary of occult, hermetic and alchemical sigils.

Books in other languages:-
Hutin, Serge. l'Alchimie.
Burckhardt, Titus. Alchemie.
Coudert, Allison. Alchemie. De steen der wijzen.
Coudert, Allison. Der Stein der Weisen.
Ganzemüller. Beitrage zur Geschichte der Technologie und der Alchemie.

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