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Project Mind
New Age Web Works
Rafal Prinke's web pages - alchemy and magical ideas
Will Parfitt's webpages
The Copernican Series
Avalon Metaphysical Center
The Alexandria website
Alchemy-Gothic catalogue of jewelry and giftware
The Voynich manuscript
The Voynich nanuscript (another site)
Hermetica - Dee/Kelly and Voynich manuscript
J. Dauge's Home page
Hudson Monatomics
David Hudson material
Joe Champion's transmutation research
Patrick's home page
Claus Schoenleber's home page
Hermetic Alchemy by John Stahl
Hermetic-GD-Forum: Hermetics, QBL, Alchemy, Golden Dawn
Joscelyn Godwin: Annals of the Invisible College
Alchemy: The Search for the Philosopher's Stone - Graeme Whittle
Alchemy to Homeopathy book
University of Santiago de Compostela - Alquimia
Notes on alchemy adapted from The Eyewitness Science Chemistry book, written by Dr. Ann Newmark
Alchemy in the role playing game Ars Magica
Review: Vaughan Hart. Art and Magic in the Court of the Stuarts.
Notes on Michael Maier
Thoth: Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
The Good Scents Company Absolute Oils
Physical and Kabbalistic Cosmology - Ovid C. Jacob
Kessinger Publishing reprints
Hermetic/Cabbalistic/Rosicrucian Books
Article on Robert Fludd
Biography of Marin Mersenne
Prophecies of Paracelus, short piece by Boehme, and Lacinius
Patrice Coulombe - composer influenced by alchemy
Alix of Dreams - An illustrated novel by B. Clifford Shockey . Historical fantasy takes place in 14th century France. Gods, demons, the cathar "heresy," the Knights Templar, alchemy, Hundred Years War.
Rare esoteric and masonic reprints
Rolf Claessen's excellent site devoted to chemistry - links to chemistry journals, databases. etc
Big Sur tapes - recordings of lectures by many spiritual teachers
The Portal - Rosicrucianism, mysticism, etc
Information on Jakob Böhme - organised by Donivan Bessinger
Klossowski de Rola page
Nimbus Art Gallery - magical/alchemical art
Michael Moore's extensive site on Herbal/medicinal plants
Theosophical History Journal web site
Spagyria - John Reid III
GNOSIS magazine web site