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"To him, who is dealing with Spagyria, let Nature be your reason. When from experience you have learned to read her, you will realize that all along, she has been your guide, verily, even your staff, glasses and lamp."

Spagyria is the fruition of the research laboratory Magnum Opus Inc. The research goal of Magnum Opus, was recovery of the proper methods of preparation, and use, of alchemical herbal products. These products had a dual nature, the first being to create a homeostasis within the human body, the second, as catalyst, for spiritual growth. After many years of intensive research by our founder John H. Reid III, we achieved our goal.

Hand in hand with the production of our unique herbal products, goes the other half of the Hermetic Science, which is, the understanding, and use, of ambient etheric energies, to bring about a conscious change in the life of individuals. Hermetic science gives us a framework in which to discern the proper uses and manipulations of energy present in Astro-cyclic pulsation's.

Spagyria offers to all interested parties a set of courses specifically designed to help the individual achieve initiation. By initiation we mean contact with the Inner Master or Knowledge of and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. Without spiritual growth no person can ever hope to utilize the potent spiritual energies that are so crucial to success in alchemical works and qabalistic rituals. During the courses' on Esoterics, Tarot, Astro-Cyclic Pulsation's, and Capillary Dynamics the student will receive two lessons every two weeks. Course material on Spagyrics and Alchemy are sent one lesson per month. After completion of the Alchemist Apprentice course the student will receive a diploma.

This material will be of immense interest to you, if:

  1. You desire to undertake the study of the little known, yet extremely powerful tools of self-transformation, as practiced in the Western Inner Tradition.

  2. You want to actually practice physical laboratory alchemy. Please note the order of the courses can not be changed. The courses' are designed to take the student through a graduated learning experience that ultimately will establish contact with their Inner Master. Some persons may be unhappy with this seeming restriction. It is from experience that we have decided to present the material in this way. Without first working on the self no amount of time spent in an alchemical lab will end with satisfactory results. The individuals first concern must be with themselves, and spiritual advancement. Immediately starting work in the lab can be a distraction from this all important preliminary work. For this reason, we supply the student with a set of customized Base 7 extracts during the preliminary courses.

Our Alchemical Apprentice Correspondence Course Consists of:
  • Basics of Esotericism & Theurgy 9 lessons: This course gives the student practical instruction in the use of their inherent powers to manifest their hearts desire. The Hermetic philosophy concerning the roles of self-consciousness and subconsciousness in the act of creation are explored in detail. The student is also introduced to the 7 great Hermetic Laws plus much more.

  • Tarot Book of Inner Wisdom 52 lessons: This course will lay the groundwork for your inner-transformation. It will instruct you in how to use Tarot keys as psychological tools. When used properly Tarot will bring about the all important shift in your conscious perception of your relationship with the universe. This shift takes you from feeling as a separate entity, to one that perceives itself as an integrated, yet eternally individualized, part of the whole.

  • Astro-Cyclic Pulsation's 14 lessons: This course will teach the student the use of the 7 & 12 phase cycles. Understanding of this material is paramount in properly using spiritual energies and coordinating your actions to be in synchronization with universal rhythms. This material expands on the use of Tarot, as an aid in interpreting a persons chart. Chart interpretation is essential in ascertaining how to properly adjust the inherent energies within the individual to help them achieve their hearts desire.

  • Capillary Dynamic Studies 7 lessons: Undoubtedly you have heard astrologers, herbalist, and occultist claim that their is a connection between celestial bodies and terrestrial matter. By the time you finish this course you will have the knowledge and expertise to prove this irrevocably in the laboratory. The originators of this method have well over 20 years of continuous experiments showing the relation between the planets and plants, and the planets to the 7 metals of the ancients.

  • Spagyrics 27 lessons: It has been some time since the student began his lessons with us. Now the student is ready to embark onto the road of the alchemist. The 27 lessons comprising this course will teach the student how to make their own Base 7 extracts, tinctures, essences and stones.

  • Plant Alchemy 42 lessons: This last course allows the student to put into practice and use the inner powers they have been developing. The entire method of the Minor Opus is clearly laid out for the student. The student will learn about alkahest, Archeaus of water, and acquiring the universal seed. There are no blinds and false turns in this material, or for that matter any that we have presented. Ultimate success in this practice depends on the amount of inner growth the student has undergone. Diligent study habits and practice are a must, but the final deciding factor for success comes from the dispensation of the grace of God. No person can guarantee you success in making a alchemical plant stone. We can only lay out the procedure plainly for you. The rest is between you and your Inner Master.