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Study Course on alchemical symbolism
by Adam McLean
Advanced course on alchemical sequences
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This course is an extension of my foundation course on inner alchemy and alchemical symbolism, which lasts one year (twenty four lessons). In order to take this new course on alchemical sequences you must already have completed the first study course. We will be exploring the wealth of alchemical sequences, using much the same methodology as in the first course. We will look at individual sequences in some detail and also explore ways of working in general with sequences.

The course will consist of sixteen lessons. These will be distributed every three weeks and will run for one year.

Included in this course will be a detailed investigation of many of the key alchemical sequences - The Donum Dei (or Gift of God) - Petrus Bonus series - Crowning of Nature - Splendor solis - Lambspring - Twelve Keys of Valentine - Rosary of the philosophers; and also possibly some of the more obscure and unknown sequences - Bonacina - Hermaphrodite Child - Thesaurum Mundi and others.

This is not a correspondence course and students should not expect me to be able to write to them individually on particular matters, as regrettably I just do not have time to enter into individual correspondence.

To register for this course please email Adam McLean

These lessons are copyright © Adam McLean, and no part may be reproduced or distributed in any form (including the Internet) without the permission of Adam McLean.