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Adam McLean's Study Courses on alchemy

In November 1999 I devised a one year study course on alchemical symbolism. This has proven to be rather successful with over 150 people enrolled in the first year and I am currently working on some additional courses.
These study courses are distributed as e-mail attachments in the form of the universal pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files. These can be read on most computer operating system - Windows, Macintosh, the various Unix systems - using the free reader program provided by Adobe on their web site.
The lessons are sent out every two weeks and incorporate many graphics with the text. People can join the study course at any time and will receive the lessons sequentially. The study course is not provided all at once, as it is important that people work through the material gradually and undertake to do the exercises included with each lesson.
The first course on the interpretation of alchemical symbolism is now to be seen as a foundation course. People must take this course before they can receive the later courses which build upon this.

Foundation study course on the interpretation of alchemical symbolism - a detailed study in which we discover how to analyse and read alchemical emblems and symbolism.

Another course is currently in preparation and will begin in December 2000. People must complete the foundation course before applying for this more advanced study.

Advanced course on alchemical sequences - a deeper study of the amazing and complex emblem sequences which convey the essence of alchemy.

These courses are based on my own study and insights gained through my work with alchemy over the past 30 years. The course material is unique and is not based on or derived from other such courses. All the course material uses a richness of graphic material mostly in the form of versions of emblems coloured by Adam McLean. To receive further information on these courses please email Adam McLean