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Dialogue Between a Father and his Son

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A Dialogue betwixt the FATHER and the SONNE,
Concerning the two Principles of the BLESSED STONE.

My Sonne if that Sulphur be absent away,
Our worke is reproved whatever they say,
And it is our Water & Fire as tru as your Creed
Which constraineth a Body till it be dead:
Of him shalt thou never have your desire,
Till he be blew as Lead through his owne Fire,
I do liken our Sulphur to the magnet Stone,
That still draweth to her Naturally,
So with our Sulphur the firey Woman Mercury,
When she would from he husband flye.

Father I pray you for Charity,
Where shall I this Sulphur finde?
For I never did him se with Eye;
Nor never knew him in his kinde.

In our Water my Sonne keepe it in your minde,
Where he will appeare so white as any snow,

Grammercy Father ye be full kinde,
For through your teaching full well I know.
Now teach me the Red stone when it is in minde,
How it is made by Natures Law.

The White and Red be both of one kinde,
Now hast thou my Son all thy desire,
Whose tincture by growing thou shalt it so finde,
Through vertue of the Sun and regiment of Fire
His riches there he dost increase,
Farre passing all that I can name,
If they in Fire shall come in presse:
Gune is their glory but he the same,
For the vertues of the Planets seaven
Shall have, and also from the Pole of heven,
Since the World began noe Gemme is found
Equall him till in vertues all,
The Saphir, nor the Diamond,
The Ruby rich behind shall fall,
So shall the Turkie and Carbuncle:
If they in fire togeather shall fight,
All One except shall loose their might,
The fire on him hath power none,
His Elements be so coequall,
An Incombustible Oyle is this our Stone
In power farr passing others all.

In what Element Father is our Sulphur bright?
Is it in all, or is it in one?

In all Sonne he must need be of right,
For Seperacion of Elements we make none:
And yett in them we can it not see,
For sensuall matter he is none,
But equallitie only intellectuall,
Without which our Stone never fixt be shall.
Qualitie Sonne alsoe groweth in the fire;
Betwixt the White Stone and the Read,
For Colours many to you shall appeare,
Untill the tyme the Woman be dead:
The which things if ye shall not see,
Red shall your Stone at noe time bee;
For where the Woman is in Presence,
There is much moysture and Accidence:
Watry humors that in her bee
Will drowne and devoure our qualitye,
Remember and thinke of Noahs flood,
For too much Water was never good:
And yet as qualitie is hid in quantitie,
So must in Water our Earth be:
Riches in him thou shalt much finde,
After alteracions all due to his kinde;
When Oyle in him is coagulate,
Then is our Stone body made liquefact:
When Sulphur Water and Oyle be one,
Indued with riches then is our Stone.
I cannot thee tell a richer thing;
Then is our Stone when he is fire dureing,
Our Fire maketh he so strong.

Father how to make our Stone,
Fayne would I knowe that have we done;

My Sonne with lent and easie heate,
The Elements togeather will kindly meate:
Haste not to fast while they be rawe,
Keep well the Fier, beware of the lowe.
Shutt well the Vessell least out passe the Spirit,
So shall you all things the better keepe;
For if the Spiritts doe passe you from,
Remedy to gett them againe have you none:
And how marveillous it is the Elements to meete
Keepe this as your principall secrete,
At you begining give God the prayse;
And keepe your Matter in heate forty dayes,
But so that all things be made cleare,
Or else you are never the neare:
And within this tyme itt wil be Black;
And oft chainge colour till it be White,
There you may cease and further proceede,
By mendinge the heate to your measure indeed;
And there withall now will I end,
And to God onely thee Commend.

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