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English alchemical verse

English alchemical verse from Elias Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum. Transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss.

AEnigma Philosophicum
John Dastin's Dream
Discription of the Stone
The Hunting of the Greene Lyon
Hermes Bird
The Hermet's Tale
The Magistry
The Mistery of Alchymists by George Ripley
Peace the Black Monke on the Elixir
Thomas Robinson on the Philosopher's Stone
Testament of John Dee John Gwynn
A short work of George Ripley
The Worke of Richard Carpenter
John Gower concerning the Philosophers' Stone
Thomas Charnock - The Breviary of Alchemy
Dialogue Between a Father and his Son
Anonymous Alchemical Poems
Alchemical Aenigmas by Thomas Charnock
Experience and Philosophy
Liber Patris Sapientiae

Description of the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum:-

Ashmole, Elias. Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum. Containing Severall Poetical Pieces of our Famous English Philosophers, who have written the Hermetique Mysteries in their owne Ancient Language. Faithfully Collected into one Volume, with Annotations thereon, by Elias Ashmole, Esq. Qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus. The first part, London, Printed by J. Grismond for Nath: Brooke, at the Angel in Cornhill. MDCLII. 1652.
xvi + 486 + viii pages.
p i [Title.]
p iii-xvi [Prolegomena] To All Ingeniously Elaborate Students, In the most Divine Mysteries of Hermetique Learning.
p1-106 The Ordinall of Alchimy. Written by Thomas Norton of Bristoll.
p107-193 The Compound of Alchymie. A most excellent, learned, and worthy worke, written by Sir George Ripley, Chanon of Bridlington in Yorkeshire, Conteining twelve Gates.
p194-209 Liber patris sapientiae.
p211 [Verse beginning] "In the name of the holy Triniti".
p212 [Verse beginning] "Iyfe thow wilt thys warke begyn."
p213-226 Hermes Bird.
p227-256 The Tale of the Chanans Yeoman. Written by our Ancient and famous English Poet, Geoffry Chaucer.
p257-268 The Worke of John Dastin.
p269-274 Pearce the Black Monke upon the Elixir.
p275-277 The Worke of Rich: Carpenter.
p278-290 The Hunting of the Greene Lyon.
p291-303 The Breviary of naturall Philosophy. Compiled by the unlettered Scholar Thomas Charnock.
p303 Aenigma ad Alchimiam... 1572. T. Charnocke.
p304 Aenigma de Alchimiae... 1572. T. Charnocke.
p305-323 Bloomfields Blossoms: or, The Campe of Philosophy.
p324-331 Sir Edward Kelle's Worke.
p332-333 Sir Ed: Kelly concerning the Philosophers Stone written to his especiall good Freind, G.S. Gent.
p334 Testamentum Johannis Dee Philosophi summi ad Johannem Gwynn, transmissum 1568.
p335 Thomas Robinsonus de lapide philosophorum.
p336-341 Experience and Philosophy.
p342-343 The Magistery... Hoc opus exigium nobis fert ire per altum. December, 1633. W.B.
p344-367 Anonymi: or, severall workes of unknowne Authors.
p368-373 John Gower concerning the Philosophers Stone.
p374 The Vision of Sr: George Ripley: Channon of Bridlington.
p375-379 Verses belonging to an emblematicall Scrowle: Supposed to be invented by Geo: Ripley.
p380-388 The Mistery of alchymists, Composed by Sir Geo: Ripley Chanon of Bridlington.
p389-392 The Preface prefixt to Sir Geo: Ripley's Medulla; Which he wrote Ann. Dom. 1476. and Dedicated to Geo: Nevell then Arch-Bishop of Yorke.
p393-396 A shorte worke That beareth the Name of the aforesaid Author, Sir G. Ripley.
p397-p403 John Lydgate monke of St. Edmundsbury, In his Translation of the second Epistle that King Alexander sent to his Master Aristotle.
p404-414 Anonymi.
p415-419 The Hermet's Tale.
p420 A Discription of the Stone.
p421-422 The standing of the Glasse for the tyme of the Putrefaction, and Congelation of the Medicine.
p423 Aenigma Philosphicum... D.D.W. Bedman.
p424-426 Fragments coppied From Thomas Charnock's owne hand writing.
p427-428 In some Coppies I have found these Verses placed before Pearce the Black Monk, upon the Elixir.
p428-430 I have seene an old Coppy of the said work of Pearce the Black Monk, to the end of which these following Verses were joyned.
p431-432 This following Fragment in some copies I have found placed at the end of the aforegoing Exposition of Pearce the Black Monke.
p433 An other Conclusion.
p434-436 The whole Scyence.
[Inserted engraving.]
p437-486 Annotations and Discourses, upon Some part of the preceding Worke.
p i-ii A table of the several Treatises, with their Authors Names, contained in this Worke.
p iii-vii A Table explaining the Obscure, Obsolete, and mis-spell'd words used throughout this Worke.
p viii [Errata.]

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