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Alchemical transcriptions project

In April 1996 I put out an appeal for some funding in order to purchase some microfilms of manuscripts containing English translations of key alchemical works. I received a number of offers of assistance from individuals and a donation from a charitable foundation in the USA. Once these had been prepared I had them photocopied onto paper so that they could be easily read, and I put out a further appeal for help from individuals to transcribe this material. I coordinated an initial group of volunteers in this task. There were some problems with people being unable to read some of the handwriting, and others over-estimated the amount of time they could realistically devote to this task and had to abandon making a transcription.
I still have a number of important items that need transcription, but regrettably I now find, with my other commitments, that I am not able to find the time to complete these, so I would welcome some assistance again with transcribing some of these texts.

  • Marsilio Ficino on the alchemical art [transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
  • The Iconologia of Cesare Ripa [transcribed by Rawn Clark]
  • The War of the Knights [transcribed by Fred Hatt]
  • Samuel Norton - The Key of Alchemy
  • Jean Albert Belin - The Adventures of an Unknown Philosopher [transcribed by Sean Brooks]
  • The letter of a philosopher concerning the secret of the great work [transcribed by John O'Brien.]
  • The Natural round Physick or Philosophy of the Alchymical Cabalistical Vision [transcribed by Jon Evans.]
  • The Work of Dionisius Zacharias [transcribed by Dr. Muhammed Suleiman.]
  • An instruction and proof to prepare an Aurum potabile [transcribed by Dr. Muhammed Suleiman]