Back To My Park (August '96)

Summer is over. I spent a lot of time indoors this summer -- a lot of time staring at computer screens. But once I realized how fast the months were slipping away, I managed to arrange one last trip to my favorite park, Flushing Meadows, where ducks swim in lakes, where the Mets get their butts kicked at Shea Stadium, where the most ethnically diverse borough of New York City gets together for a great big noisy family party every weekend day.

I took my brother Gary along on this outing, and his two kids. Meg wanted to stay home with Elizabeth (our oldest) while Daniel and Abigail came with me. Gary's wife took the day off too. Here are some pictures we took.

Two Large Round Objects

The Globe and Abby's face.

What Better Way To Spend A Sunday?

Then to sit on a beach blanket and feed Slim Jims to the babies?

Gary and Rebecca

Abby and Me

The Boys

Jonathan and Daniel

Ice Cream!

Some Other Family

I dunno, thought it made an interesting shot.


Always something noisy going on around Flushing Meadows Park.

Focal Point

And you know the Globe is a very funky spot.

Queensboro Ballads
by Levi Asher