New York Baseball's Proudest Moment

World Series Game Six
New York Mets vs. Boston Red Sox
October 1986

It didn't happen in the Bronx -- it happened in Queens.

The Red Sox were ahead by two runs in the tenth inning, and they only had to hold the Mets for three more outs to win the World Series. What you are about to see is one of the most inspiring, amazing and truly tough comebacks of all time.

It is unfortunate that this famous half-inning is often remembered mainly for Bill Buckner's fielding error on Mookie Wilson's grounder to first base. This was a major error, but the crucial moment in the Met's comeback was certainly Bob Stanley's wild pitch, which allowed Kevin Mitchell to score the tying run and throw the game back into extra innings. Buckner's error came a few moments later, after the Red Sox two-run lead was already blown.

A close look at this video shows that the Red Sox did not lose the game -- the Mets won it. You will see six brave batters stand at the plate -- Wally Backman, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Kevin Mitchell, Ray Knight and Mookie Wilson. Backman and Hernandez score two quick outs, leaving Gary Carter to bat with nobody on base and very little reason for hope. But he does not admit defeat and he does not show fear.

There are no home runs in this inning. There are only team players desperately trying to manufacture hits any way they can, unwilling to give up. This is what is called "courage". This is the meaning of baseball -- no, it is the meaning of life.

So close your eyes and go back to a cool October day in 1986. Prince and Bruce were on the radio, there were like three people in the world who had heard of the Internet, and the New York Mets were in big, big trouble out at Shea ...

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