1997 Dharma Beats

The CBA attacks the literary ideal persona in an entirely new way: by way of baseball! I can't say I understand the validity of such a parallel, but nonetheless the Cosmic Baseball Assc. has supplied more than a team roster and a few batting averages.

Literary Kicks
Levi Asher has created the end all to bohemian knowledge pertaining to the Beats. Above a few links and a line or two about the authors, Literary Kicks encompases all aspects of the Beats with full biographies, as well as modern news on the writers, and other wonderful information.

To the best of my knowledge, Ralph is a man (or the pseudonym of a man) who has run the Bohemian gammut of experiences. He is a punk rocker, a graphic designer, and much much more! For our purposes, Ralph is the icon of the new bohemian. He is a hip, suave, ladies man that demands to be explored.

Another Superficial Piece
About 176 Beatnik Books

It is difficult to find a site more generally informative than Literary Kicks or more entertaining than the Cosmic Baseball Assc., but for a wonderful combination of the two pertaining to information at either site, this is the superficial site to be!

The Beat Generation Archives
A little ways off the Wild Bohemian Home Page lies this collection of links that delve into the Beat Generation from a number of angles. This page is very resourceful for research and inquery purposes.