Women of the Beat Generation

"In many ways, women of the Beat were cut from the same cloth as the men: fearless, angry, high risk, too smart, restless, highly irregular. They took chances, make mistakes, made poetry, made love, made history. Women of the Beat weren't afraid to get dirty. They were compassionate, careless, charismatic, marching to a different drummer, out of step. Muses who birthed a poetry so raw and new and full of power that it changed the world. Writers whose words weave spells, whose stories bind, whose vision blinds. Artists for whom curing the disease of art kills."

-- from Women of the Beat Generation

ruth weiss: The Survivor
Incredible photographs along side an insightful story of Ruth Weiss' life plucked straight from the pages of Women of the Beat Generation by Brenda Knight, Conari Press.

Pop Talk: Women Poets of the Beat Generation
"Join HotWired's editor-at-large Steve Silberman and Brenda Knight with Beat women Carolyn Cassady, ruth weiss, Anne Waldman, and Joanna McClure for a live roundtable chat broadcast in RealAudio about women's contributions to the Beat movement."

Brenda Knight: Women of the Beat Generation
Women of the Beat Generation profiles 40 women writers, visual artists and Beat muses. It contains new and unpublished works by Hettie Jones, Elise Cowen, Lenore Kandel, Joanne Kyger, Ruth Weiss, Brenda Frazer, Joyce Johnson, Mary Fabilli, Jan Kerouac, Janine Pommy Vega, Mary Norbert Korte and Diane di Prima.

'50s Beat Poets Gain New Fans Amongst Young
Elise Cowen, ruth weiss, Mary Norbert Korte, and a reading by Eileen Kaufman are described here in another passage in reference to Brenda Knight's Women of the Beat Generation, along with short paragraphs about each woman's life.

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