andy warhol

In one of [Suzy] Stanton's fantasized versions [of various hypothetical theories and motives that ostensibly led to the paintings], Warhol asks his visitor, "Won't you come and share my soup with me? I'm just about to have my lunch--or is it breakfast? or dinner? Oh, the time is not important, I always have soup no matter what the hour happens to be." As the two sit down, Warhol remarks: "I love soup, and I love it when other people love soup, too. . . . You know, when I was little, my mother always used to feed us this kind of our. But now she's gone, and sometimes when I have soup I remember her and I feel like she's right here with me again." there was a good measure of truth in this. According to Warhol's brother Paul, their mother habitually served Campbell's Soup at home, and Andy grew up on the product.

In another of Stanton's scenes, "Warhol looked dismayed when we inquired intot he significance the Campbell's soup can had for him. 'Soup!' he said, 'who really cares what the soup or the can or Campbell's means to me? The important thing is what each one of you thinks. . . . I've already made my statement--right there.'"

And himself couldn't have said it better.

Stir Up controversy and Heat to Simmer
Warhol, David Bourdon