Diamanda Galas Diamanda Galás
	I'm very disappointed in you
	and I don't handle disappointment well
	I'd like to say I could forgive you
	But I can never forgive; just forget

	Now it would take me ten long years to forget,
	That's 12 months of the year
	four weeks of the month
	and seven days a week
	Well that's a very tall order, I got to say--
	I don't have that much time to FORGET
	    That's a whole lot of hard and lonely time
	When we could be together

	Husband with this knife
	I do you adore
	I take you out of ths world baby
	with a lot of feeling
	and with this feeling I do bestow upon you
	all my wordly gifts

D O  Y O U  T A K E 
 T H I S  M A N  ?

DIAMANDA GALáS (New York, NY) is an international vocalist, composer, and performer who was first seen in Europe at the Festival Avignon in 1979. Since she has created and performed such acclaimed solo works as Plague Mass, a requiem for those dead and dying of AIDS; a companion piece, Vena Cava, which explores the destruction of the mind through the related illnesses of clinical depression and AIDS dementia; and Insekta, an electro-acoustic monodrama about the survivor of repeated trauma held within an enclosed space that prevents escape. Galás has also contributed vocal work to such films as Rosa Von Praunheim's Positive Positive and Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula; and performed premieres of works by Iannis Xenakis and Vinko Globokar with Musique Vivante and the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Her recordings include The Sporting Life (1994), Vena Cava (1993), The Singer (1992), and Masque of the Red Death (1989).

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Diamanda Galas: Schrei

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 		My voice is an inspiration to my friends 
	and an instrument of torture 
 			   to my enemies.

				E L S I E
                                O W U S U