Welling up from within, clawing away, eating up the insides;
Happy heart, broken, broken into pieces, bleeding and happy;
Dissected happiness, wriggling in individual pieces on the floor,
Secreting happiness that attaches itself to whatever there is;

Parasitic happiness, sucking like a leech in the happy neck,
Sucking out happiness, sucking out happiness;
Ripped away from the neck, stepped on, stomped on,
Happiness oozing out like pus; yes, happy, happy,

Happy like a clam with its legs cut off,
Limping along the beach,
Opening and closing, clopping and clodding,
Oysterless, pearlless, peerless, puerile;

Empty happiness, echoing in the happy halls,
Bouncing through the empty happy house;
Happiness all around: ankle deep, knee deep, neck deep
Drowning in the morass of heavy, happy sludge;

Happy quicksand, pulling in the happy corpses to be,
Bathing, cleansing, purifying, perfecting,
Self actualizing, fully realizing; happiness
Lapped up and licked up like spoiled milk spilled;

Happiness that would kill it's own mother for a quarter;
Soft, white, happy happiness,
Like a light bulb broken in the happy lamp:
Turn it on, turn it off, turn it on

Happy dark, happy light, happy dark
Darkness like a blanket
Covering, smothering, comforting,
Enveloping happiness,

Snuggle up; keep cool and warm.
Happy sleepiness, happy sleep,
Happy happy dreams.

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