One of the things that Neal frequently repeated, was to try to find something good to say about anyone. If you can't say anything good, be quiet. He has lived up to that much more than I was able to, but I try. I don't expect that you would find much negative that he said about anyone. I also try to keep from making public pronouncements too much, because I continue to feel strongly that impersonal communications tend to create burdens in many ways.

At the same time I also feel strongly that false impressions provided by those who manipulate public communications with ease and forceful persuasiveness, need to be protested by anyone who knows differently. At least attempts to set the record straight should also be made.

I am willing; I welcome opportunities to relate what I recall from my actual experiences. If you have specific questions about things that I experienced, I will try to offer my recollections about them. Fireside chats sound like fun and valuable pasttimes.

Another thing that I keep in mind is that many people, the silent majority (I detest assigning negative labels such as "lurkers", even if maybe they have a positive value, and labels are not that important anyway. I also detested "hippies" or "dope" when they first appeared on the scene, as putdowns that weren't necessarily pproviding accurate images, but that is not as important as I thought either), anyway many folks may not be interested in lengthy tales, and I don't think I am able to reduce things to soundbite abbreviations. As you may notice already, I tend to ramble on.

I am also thinking about putting a journal of memories, as they may randomly accur, on a webpage. Actually I am getting one started. I thought I might just add memories as I go along. Maybe that could provide another person's personal reference resource. This way anyone could check out whatever they wanted, or ask for personal testimony about particular things, and those who are not interested would not be burdened. Leon's testimonials from dimming memories, for anyone who wants to check something out maybe I could provide an index.

I hope I clarified myself somewhat, and especially that I have not discouraged you from asking about specific recollections that I may have.

Those were interesting times though, that's for sure. So are these days also.


Neal mentioned a couple of times the interesting coincidence that we both came from opposite sides in more ways than just our names, yet had missing perspectives to add to our lives.

I was a psychologist doing research on a program called "Intensive Treatment" at San Quentin and he was doing time there for having procured three joints for a narc. We got to be very good friends and when he was ready to go home he asked me for help to keep Carolyn from leaving for Scotland. I talked to Carolyn and she said that Neal had written to her a lot about me, and that she would stay if I promised to stay in touch and to help if needed. I was fired from my job because I visited the family. There was (is?) a rule that forbids prison employees from associating with ex-convicts and their families, unless their job requires it. It took me two years to win the case. By that time we were all good friends and when I took a job at the Community Mental Health Services in San Jose, near Los Gatos, they asked me to move in with them.

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