Earlier 20th Century Descents Into Novelty Anticipate 1996

1996 offers a global laboratory in which to observe the prediction of an dramatic plunge into novelty. Twice before during the 20th Century there have been descents into Novelty nearly as dramatic as the one predicted for 1996. In the case above 1928-1929 is shown. The Great Stock Crash occurred in October of '29 but the world wide depression was well underway months before.

A disturbing note: The signature for the Period 1940-1941, the height of the War on the Eastern Front during WWII and culminating in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 exhibits a descent into Novelty similer to the 1929 situation and the situation Novelty Theory predicts for 1996.

1996 Direct Resonance data for other cultures:

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