Our Web of Eros

"The old media, dear Vicky, made erotic imagery a commodity, to be watered down and sold to suckers. Make no mistake about it. The freedom of the Internet is a threat to the old print head game: "make something nasty, then raise the price."

Encouraged by the rapt attention of her listerner, Madame T. continued: "The proper response to the knownothingism of the yahoos who seek to strangle the Net is not a blackenwed web page. Far from it! Such limp wristed gestures only encourage the beast. Rather I wish to see every website in the net posting at least one sexually explicity image or bit of text. Let fifty million erotic flowers bloom under the blue noses of hysterical Puritans who would whore the Constitution to the agenda of the extra chromosome right wing!"

Her words had reached a veritable crescendo. Eyes blazing she spoke now, not to her attentive young charge but to the ages.

"Eros is best served by erotica when it is free. Eros is best served when erotica is made art. Eros is best served when erotica arouses and outrages, when it transcends culture."

Go Hyperborea.

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