May 31, 1996. Today Tim Leary's life drew to a close. The report on NPR that brought me the long expected news reported that Tim's last words were "Why not?" I cannot claim that we were close, our times together were few and often occurred in scenes crowded with other people. He amazed me with his enthusiasm and his ability to listen very carefully to whatever was being said. He was consistently the most up person I have known. Gentle, non-judgemental, ever bemused Tim, whatever one thought of the positions he took and the controversies in which he was embroiled, it was hard to resist his charm and his essential decency. I believe that his reputation will outlast his critics and that when the future instructs its children in the short version of the history of the Twentieth Century that his name and legacy will be warmly recalled. Farewell, Tim. Wherever you are right now, I can hear you laughing.