High Novelty Eras of the Past 1000 Years

During the past few months we have traversed the first and deepest of the Novelty troughs that will occur between 1996 and 2008. The past resonances of these future novelty troughs are figured in two versions above. With the exception of the least novel of these episodes, the blue circle, all of the periods of low habit/high novelty, the orange squares, exhibit the same signature; a plunge into novelty followed by a slight upturn into habit, then a return to a descent into novelty before a final and definitive return to habitual patterns. All of the Novel eras above have this precise character with the exception of the plunge associated with 1356 AD (the blue circle). This is the time of the Black Death and it has been noted elsewhere that the character of this particular plunge into novelty was unique, no new technologies were introduced, nor was a shift in languages or politics involved, however a replacement of people occurred and the return to previously established patterns of habit was unusually rapid. As usual this graph assumes Dec. 21, 2012 as the end date

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