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Books in American editions

Food of the Gods, Bantam Books, New York. Published in '92. Currently in print. ISBN 0-553-07868-2. There is also an English edition, published by Random Century, London. Its ISBN #0-7126-5445-3.

"Terence McKenna is the most important--and most entertaining--visionary scholar in America. To be uninformed of his ethnobotanical discoveries is to be oblivious to the central thrust of human consciousness, which is not to survive with the dung beetles but to soar with the gods." --Tom Robbins

"McKenna is a wild man, probing the depths of the great mysteries of the mind. He asks big questions, he rides the Edge. He's an explorer, a circumnavigtior of human consciousness. Terence is on to something" --Mickey Hart, The Grateful Dead

True Hallucinations, Harper San Francisco. Published in April, '93. Currently in print. ISBN # 0-06-250545-9

"If only a fraction of McKenna's thought is true, he will someday be regarded as the Copernicus of consciousness. If not, he still offers plenty of down-to-earth reasons for preserving the planet, going beneath the surface of scientific inquiry into the psychedelic experience, and some truly amazing dope tales." --Richard Gehr, The Village Voice

"How the Magellan of mentats put his mind and body on the line and discovered the source of consciousness, the end of history, and the factors that govern the ingress of novelty into our world. If you've been there, this book will take you back; if you haven't, get ready." --Phil Lesh, The Grateful Dead

The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens and the I Ching, (with Dennis McKenna), Harper San Francisco. A revised and expanded edition of the the out of print 1975 title. Currently in print. ISBN # 0-06-250635-8

"The first work of cyberethnopharmacology" --Michael Horowitz, Director of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library

"One of the most mind boggling books I've ever read." --Jerry Garcia

"Put simply, Terence is a hoot." --Esquire

The Archaic Revival, Harper San Francisco. Published in '92. Currently in print. ISBN #0-06-250613-7.

"McKenna's ideas are rare jewels discovered during expeditions to the heights and depths of inner space....The Archaic Revival is flammable to the drybrush and deadwood of the intellect. In the twilight of human history, McKenna's prescription for slavation is just so crazy it might work." --Alex Grey, artist

"McKenna is the culture's foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience." --LA Weekly

Trialogues at the Edge of the West, (with Ralph Abraham and Rupert Sheldrake), Bear & Co. Albuquerque. Published in '92. Currently in print. ISBN # 0-939680-97-1.

"Trialogues is a book for all who seek to quest beyond the limits of the ordinary. Three fine thinkers take us plunging into the universe of chaos, mind , and spirit. Instead of leaving us lost, they bring us back with startling insights and more wonder than we knew we had."
--Matthew Fox, heterodox theologican

"Trialogues records the exciting intellectual friendship of three amazing mind pushing to the end of history in seach of a new consciousness blending scienntific observation, mythical imagination , and visifonary specualtion." --Riane Eisler, Author of The Chalice and the Blade

Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Growers Guide, (with Dennis Mc Kenna), And/Or Press, 1976. Currently in print in a 1990 edition. Available from Berkeley Quick Trading Co. 1635 E 22nd Street, Oakland, CA 94606. Order by phone at 1800-428-7825 ex. 102. ISBN 0-932551-06-8

Practical alchemy. The techniques developed by the Brothers McKenna during the 1970s created a revolution in home cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms. This book is the best selling psychedelic mushroom cultivation guide in history. Change your life today, the mycological kingdom awaits the pilgrim.

  Synesthesia, (with Tim Ely) Granary Books, New York. Published '92 in a limited edition of 75 copies. Direct inquiries to Steven Clay, Granary Books, 568 Broadway Suite 403, New York, NY 10012

Unreviewed, the book is an art piece which showcases the book making genius of Tim Ely and the art of anti-fiction a la McKenna.

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