TM Articles and Projects


Shedding the Monkey in High Frontiers Issue #1, 1985

Tapping Galactic Information in High Frontiers Issue # 1, 1985

The Psychedelic Experience in IS Journal #3, Dec. '86

Psychopharmacognosticon in High Frontiers Issue #4 Fall '87

Temporal Resonance in Revision, Summer '87

Alien Love in Magical Blend No. 17 Fall 1987

Listening to the Wisdom of Plants (with Kathleen Harrison-Mc Kenna) in Whole Life Monthly, March 1988

Book Reviews by Terence Mc Kenna:

Ecodynamics by Kenneth Boulding, reviewed in Zygon Vol. 16, No 1 March 1981.

Shamanism, Colonialism and the Wildman by Michael Taussig, reviewed in Gnosis No. 5 Fall 1987.

A Solution to the Voynich Manuscript by Leo Levitov, appeared in Gnosis No. 7 Summer 88.

The following tapes of my talks seminars, readings and lectures are commercially distributed:

New and Old Maps of Hyperspace

Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness

Psilocybin and the Sands of Time

The Voynich Manuscript

The Definitive UFO Tape

New Dimensions Radio Interview

Dynamics of Hyperspace (with Ralph Abraham)

Syntax of Psychedelic Time

Speaking Metaphorically

Alien Love

Scenario for a Psychedelic Society

The Gnostic Astronaut

Mind, Molecules and Magic

Reflections on Eros

Shedding the Monkey

True Hallucinations

The following videos by or about me have been made:

The Experiment at Petaluma, Rose X Productions. distributed by One Way Media, 1035 Guerrero, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Hallucinogens & Culture, Thinking Aloud Productions, 315 Third St., Suite 161, San Rafael, CA94901.

Time and the I Ching & The Human Future, Thinking Aloud Productions, 315 Third St., Suite 161, San Rafael, CA94901.

Aliens & Archetypes, Thinking Aloud Productions, 315 Third St., Suite 161, San Rafael, CA94901.

History Ends in Green, Gaia, Psychedelics and the Archaic Revival,

Seeking the Stone: Mind & Time, Spirit & Matter, Harry Delighter Productions, PO Box 661593, Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Shamanism , Psychedelics, Civil Rights and the Archaic Revival, Bill Jackson, 1992. phone 310-Let-Hear.

Freistil oder Das Fleisch der G–tter, 225 Media Producers,Spichernstr. 61, D-5000 K–ln 1 copyright by Tag/Traum.

I am involved with the following media projects:

Prague Gnosis--a video documentary shot at the International Transpersonal Association conference in Prague in June of '92. I interview a number of cutting edge luminaries in psychology and holistic healing. The cit of Prague provides the ambience. Produced by Steven Marshank, Directed by Jack Coddington. Status: Released in '94

Unnamed film--a film exploration of my ideas and opinions while walking in a tropical rain forest. Produced by Joie Gregory. Directed by Bill Rosser. Status: on going in mid '95

Book project: Psilocybin and Human Origins w/Phillipe de Vosjoli. An effort to nail down at last the sequence of events that brought consciousness to flower in our species. Status. Underway mid '95

Hyperborea: a website on the world wide web at