Terence McKenna Conditions of Employment
Terence McKenna, author, explorer, philosopher
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Conditions of Engagement

A typical presentation comprises a lecture of 50-80 minutes, and may include slides, video, film or computer demonstrations provided by myself. Contact time of one hour (before and/or after the presentation) is included. The fee, expenses and conditions are as follows:

Lecture fees. For universities: $3,000. For all others: 4,000. The actual fee is negotiable, and depends on factors such as distance from California or sometimes Hawaii. Fees are reduced 25% for Third World venues. Fees are reduced for multiple lectures in a series, for example the fee for a typical weekend is $5000 and a weeklong is $8,000. In the lecture situation contact time in addition to the presentation and immediate vicinity (total of two hours) may be arranged, the rate is $300 per hour. Exceptions (such as charities) may be made only once or twice per year. Payment is due at the time of the event, any other arrangement must be negotiated in advance in the contract.Payment must be made is U.S. Dollars only

Mailing Lists. I can help make an event a success by providing sticky-backed mailing labels in zip code order at a rate of $0.08 per label. This mailing list is kept current and is composed only of people who have expressed an interest in my books, tapes and workshops. More than twelve thousand names are available. Payment for labels must be on delivery.

Consulting and Film or Video. Rates for consulting are $330 per hour for consultancies lasting less than 3 days. Long term consultancies are usually $1500 per day. Where film or video is involved I ask 0.25 % of gross profits per day worked plus $1500 per day worked.

Expenses. Travel costs must be covered in toto. This includes air fare (business class) and ground transportation at both ends. (This end is $50.) Per diem includes the hotel, meals and miscellany of $60 per day for phone, transportation, etc. The hotel room should be large enough to permit working at a portable computer.

Conditions. During the summer and fall very few bookings may be made. Bookings for winter and spring are usually made at least six months in advance. The agreement is not firm until the written and signed contract is in hand. The contract and the air fare must be in in hand before departure. Cancellation by either party, anytime before the departure date, may be made without penalty. Audio-visual equipment is the responsibility of the client. Recording rights to any event are to be negociated separately and in advance of the actual event.