Aldous Huxley to Timothy Leary, 6 June 1961

In this handwritten letter, Huxley mentions meeting Oscar Janiger and Dr. "Jolly" West, a CIA MK-ULTRA operative.

"Dear Tim,

Thank you for your letter of Jan 23rd, which came during my absence -- first in Hawaii, the at San Francisco (where we had a good conference on Control of the Mind).

Alas, I can't write anything for Harper's -- am too desperately busy trying to finish a book.

At S.F. I met Dr. Janiger, whom I had not seen for several years. He tells me that he has given LSD to 100 painters who have done pictures before, during & after the drug, & whose efforts are being appraised by a panel of art critics. This might be interesting. I gave him your address, & I think you will hear from him.

I also spoke briefly with Dr. Jolly West (prof of psychiatry at U of Oklahoma Medical School), who told me that he had done a lot of work in sensory deprivation, using improved versions of John Lilly's techniques. Interesting visionary results -- but I didn't have time to discuss the details.

You are right about the hopelessness of the "Scientific" approach. These idiots want to be Pavlovians, not Lorenzian Ethnologists. Pavlov never saw an animal in its natural state, only under duress. The "Scientific" LSD boys do the same with their subjects. No wonder they report psychoses.


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