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The following documents were obtained by the authors in researching Acid Dreams: the CIA, LSD, and the Sixities Rebellion.

Shown here are correspondences between Jack Kerouac, Timothy Leary, and Aldous Huxley.
Also included are a number of once-classified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Though there is much that government censors have seen fit to keep secret even today, tantalizing glimpses of CIA-sponsored research into drugs are found amid the blacked-out names.

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Letters to Leary, Ginsberg

Aldous Huxley to Timothy Leary, June 1961
January 1960 letter from Jack Kerouac to Timothy Leary, describing his reactions to psilocybin mushroom extract
1978 letter from New York Times publisher C. L. Sulzberger to Allen Ginsberg concerning CIA activity in the southeast Asian drug trade.

Declassified: CIA Mind Control Documents

This 1954 document outlines CIA experiments in tolerance to LSD at the Addiction Research Center in Lexington, Kentucky
1954 memo from CIA Director Richard Helms affirming the Agency policy of using unwitting guinea pigs in drug tests
This Office of Security document outlines some strange behavior at the CIA.
In this 1953 memo, CIA director Allen Dulles takes stock of the LSD owned by the Agency
Memo outlining LSD as a "potential new agent for unconventional warfare"
This memo, provided to the CIA by a medical consultant, rather zealously suggests possible tactical uses of LSD against an enemy force
This memo, produced after a joint meeting of the Artichoke and Bluebird teams, describes the CIA's concern that human guinea pigs were becoming harder to come by for involuntary drug tests
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