"Use of LSD" memo

This memo, dated 1 December 1953, would seem to be something of a clampdown on LSD testing within the Agency, following the Thanksgiving Day death of Dr. Frank Olson, an army scientist despondent in the weeks following his being dosed by Sidney Gottlieb. It notes the location of all known LSD stocks, including those given to George Hunter White.

MEMORANDUM FOR: Inspector General


1. Pursuant to your request, Dr. Willis Gibbons, Chief, Technical Services Staff, was contacted on the evening of 30 November 1953 concerning points herinafter noted.

2. Dr. Gibbons has impounded all LSD material in CIA Headquarters in a safe adjacent to his desk. No one else has the combination to this safe; the material was so impounded on 29 November 1953.

3. Dr. Gibbons stated that he is stopping any LSD tests which may have been instituted or contemplated under CIA auspices. A cable will be sent to the field on 1 December 1953 to this effect.

4. Only two (2) field stations, Manila and Atsugi, have LSD material. A cable to the field on 1 December 1953 will instruct the field as to non-use and request data as to how much is on hand and who has custody and access.

5. CIA has furnished a quantity of LSD to Mr. George Hunter White, Chief of New York District, Narcotics Division, Treasury Department. Dr. Gibbons does not know the exact amount in Mr. White's possession. While is fully cleared according to Dr. Gibbons...

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