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Gallery Twenty Three
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A177. Engraving of Cosmological diagram from Helisaeus Röslin De Opere Dei Creationis, seu, de mundo hypotheses, Franckfurt, 1597.

A178. Engraving by Abraham Bosse La calcination Solaire de l'antimoine (Calcination of antimony by sunlight.)

A179. Frontispiece engraving from Karl von Eckhartshausen Aufschlüsse zur Magie, Munich, 1788.

A180. Engraving from Anonymus von Schwartzfuss Das Blut der Natur, Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1767.

A181. Engraved tile page from Musaeum hermeticum, 1625.

A182. Woodcut from Bartholomaeus, Anglicus Le proprietaire des choses, Lyon 1490.

A183. Engraving from title page of Ashmole Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 1652.

A184. Woodcut from Nazari, Della tramutatione metallica sogni tre, 1572.

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