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Galleries of coloured alchemical emblems Emblem series.
These series of emblems, taken from woodcuts, engravings and drawings from manuscripts have been handcoloured by Adam McLean. Click on the icons to see the whole series.

Book of Lambspring

Thurneisser woodcuts

Mylius engravings

Keys of Valentine

Khunrath Amphitheatrum

Hermaphroditic Sun and Moon Child

Mutus Liber

Atalanta Fugiens

Petrus Bonus series

Rosary of the Philosophers series

Theatre of terrestrial astronomy

Splendor solis series

All Wise Doorkeeper series

Pandora series

Flamel series from Abraham Eleazar

Azoth series of Valentine

Orthelius series of engravings

Speculum veritatis series

Robert Fludd's Origin of the Cosmos series

Mylius version of Rosarium Philosophorum series

Works of Jacob Boehme

Mylius version of Azoth series

Mylius version of Donum Dei series

Samuel Norton series

Crowning of Nature

Beccafumi woodcuts

Hildebrandt series

Coenders van Helpen series

Simon Baruch Donum Dei series

Geber series

Von Ecker series

Maier Viatorium series

La Bugia series

Freher series

All of these images are copyright © Adam McLean 1999 - 2004. These are available for sale as coloured prints from the alchemy web bookstore and some as high resolution images on the Alchemical and hermetic emblems CD-Rom. Others are available as multimedia shows with music on CD-Rom.