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Various alchemical texts

Texts primarily dealing with physical alchemy:

16th Century and earlier:

  • The Secret Book of Artephius
  • Everburning Lights of Trithemius
  • English translation of the Rosarium philosophorum
  • Geber's Discovery of Secrets [transcribed by Antonio Balestra]
  • Pretiossissime Donum Dei
  • The Crowning of Nature - with 67 coloured figures
  • Roger Bacon Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony [Translated by Kjell Hellesoe]
  • Coelum philosophorum of Paracelsus [Transcribed by Dusan Djordjevic Mileusnic.]
  • Paracelsus - The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists [Transcribed by Dusan Djordjevic Mileusnic.]

    17th Century:

  • Athanasius Kircher's Table of alchemical equipment and operations
  • The three alchemical flasks of Oldfield
  • Colours to be observed in the Operation of the Great Work [transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
  • The Six Keys of Eudoxus
  • Phantom alchemical plants of Quersitanus
  • Basil Valentine's Triumphal Chariot of Antimony
  • The Aphorisms of Urbigerus
  • Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus
  • Frontispiece to Urbigerus
  • John French The Art of Distillation
  • Francis Bacon - Experiments touching Sulphur and Mercury [transcribed by Marcus Williamson.]
  • Francis Bacon - The Making of Gold [transcribed by Marcus Williamson.]
  • Joannes Agricola A Treatise on Gold [transcribed by Mark House.]
  • Concerning the Material of the Stone - Ms. l'Arsenal 3027 [translated by Mike Dickman.]

    18th Century:

  • The Golden Chain of Homer [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  • Rosicrucian Aphorisms and Process - Bacstrom

    Texts primarily dealing with allegorical, philosophical and spiritual alchemy:

    16th Century and earlier:

  • An Alchemical Mass
  • Alchemy in the English State Papers
  • The Golden Tractate of Hermes [transcribed by Frank Modica]
  • Alchemical Catechism of Baron Tschoudy
  • The Mirror of Alchemy - Roger Bacon
  • Bloomfield's Blossoms [transcribed by Luke Roberts]
  • The practise of Mary the Prophetess in the Alchymicall Art
  • An Alchemical poem by Thomas Rawlin
  • Summary of the Rosary of Arnold de Villa Nova
  • Pontanus - Epistle on the mineral fire
  • The Ripley Scroll
  • The Turba philosophorum
  • Marsilio Ficino on the alchemical art
  • Pontanus - The Secret Fire [translated by Mike Dickman from Ms. 19,969 in the Bibliothèque Nationale.]
  • The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers [Transcribed by Dusan Djordjevic Mileusnic.]
  • Paracelsus - The Aurora of the philosophers [Transcribed by Dusan Djordjevic Mileusnic.]

    17th Century:

  • Steganographick Collection [translated by Stanislas Klossowski de Rola from Le Tableau des Riches Inventions]
  • Oswald Croll Preface of Signatures [transcribed by Sean Brooks]
  • Extract from Glauber's Short Book of Dialogues
  • Khunrath's Natural Symbolum or short confession
  • The names of the Philosophers' Stone by William Gratacolle
  • Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens [Emblems 1-10 transcribed by Clay Holden]
  • Extract from Alchymie et le Songe Verde
  • A 17th century allegorical alchemical poem by Edmund Dickinson
  • 153 Chymical aphorisms of F.M. van Helmont. [transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
  • 157 Phylosophick Canons [transcribed by Justin von Bujdoss]
  • The Book of Lambspring [transcribed by Antonio Balestra]
  • Edward Kelly's Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy
  • Edward Kelly's The Stone of the Philosophers [transcribed by Luke Roberts]
  • The Light coming out of darkness - Crasselame [translated by Peter Van den Bossche.]
  • Everard's translation of the Corpus Hermeticum
  • Verse on the Threefold Sophic Fire
  • The Tomb of Semiramis
  • On the Philosophers' Stone
  • Valentine Weigel - Astrology Theologized [in preparation]
  • Thomas Vaughan - Coelum Terrae
  • Aesch-Mezareph
  • The Iconologia of Cesare Ripa [extract]
  • Introduction to the Iconologia of Cesare Ripa
  • The War of the Knights [transcribed by Fred Hatt]
  • Robert Fludd's Mosaical Philosophy [extract]
  • The Hermetic Triumph [transcribed by Jerry Bujas.]
  • An anonymous treatise on the Philosophers' stone
  • Jean Albert Belin - The Adventures of an Unknown Philosopher [transcribed by Sean Brooks]
  • Ruland - On the Prima Materia [transcribed by John Glenn.]
  • The letter of a philosopher concerning the secret of the great work [transcribed by John O'Brien.]
  • The Natural round Physick or Philosophy of the Alchymical Cabalistical Vision [transcribed by Jon Evans.]
  • An hundred aphorisms containing the whole body of magic from Ms. Sloane 1321
  • Certain Verses of an Unknown Writer, from Benedict Figulus
  • A Short Enquiry concerning the Hermetic Art
  • The Hermetic Arcanum
  • Limojon Saint-Didier's Letter to the True Disciples of Hermes [Translated by Mike Dickman]
  • The Glory of Light [transcribed by Adam McLean]
  • Place in Space [transcribed by Adam McLean]

    18th Century and later:

  • Two prayers for alchemists by Eckartshausen [translated by Joscelyn Godwin]
  • Freher's Process in the Philosophical Work
  • R.W. Councell Apollogia Alchymiae [transcribed by Mark House.
  • The Philadelphian Gold
  • The Hermaphrodite child of the Son and Moon [translated from the German by Mike Brenner.]