guillermo gómez-peña

This just born robo-Mexican incarnates the xenophobic fears of an (ex)First world society in process of thirdworldization. He has come to replace both, the sleepy Mexican and the formidable ex-Soviet enemy, premiering on the big screen and in Super-Nintendo II: He is, el cruzafronteras indocumentado, flagelo de la migra, accomplice of narcs and guerrillas, merciless rapist of innocent gueras who venture into Mexican territory in search of mestizo love, and abductor of innocent Anglo children. This Spanglish speaker, quebradita singer, karate expert and brujo, all in one is fully armed(unlike the Mexicans beaten up recently by the Riverside cops). He carries an AK-42 , at least five chromed machetes, metal chukkas and a bunch of handgranades. In his bandoleer, instead of bullets, he carries jalapenos. Opera pues con chile power. With his wrist watch (which is also a video-telephone) he can communicate with his cuates "Supermojado", "Superchicano, "Vatoman" and "CyberVato" who are always ready to help. Their sinister mission is, watch out Pete Wilson, to redefine the West and re-conquer the U.S. Southwest. And neither the border patrol, nor the DEA aided by Stallone, Shwartznigger, and Van Dame, can do nothing about it. This Mexican is indestructible! He is like godzilla with a norteno hat.

El Mexterminator: The ultimate composite portrait of the mythical Mexican of the 90's in the American imaginary is "the Mexterminator", or "Mad Mex".