Allen GinsbergAshes & Blues

I want to be known as the most brilliant man in America . . .
Prepared the way for Dharma in America without mentioning Dharma . . .
distributed monies to poor poets & nourished imaginative genius of the land
Sat silent in jazz roar writing poetry with an ink pen--
wasn't afraid of God or Death after his 48th year

"Ego Confession"
San Francisco, October 1974

Allen Ginsberg, American poet

Salon Silent Auction

01O--------------Brief Biography
of the life and times of Allen Ginsberg, written by John Tytell.
02O--------------Internet Links
Including more biographies, poetry selections, performances, and other information by or about Ginsberg.
03O--------------Writings on the Wall
Share your memories, your experiences, or simply a poem you'd like to dedicate to Ginsberg for the world to see.
04O--------------The Master's Library
Combining Ginsberg's poetic voice with the enlightenment gained from his interviews, the library offers Ginsberg from the most reliable source: himself.
05O--------------In Remembrance
of the man we all admire, many of us had something to say in his honor. Here you will find the web's most striking memorial pages, news from the industry on his passing, and other information pertaining to Ginsberg's passing.

Ashes & Blues

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