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Ginsberg Memorial Sites
DeadBEAT's Ginsberg Memorial Page's
Web And News Articles

This is excellent collection of news articles reporting the death of Ginsberg, with selections from HotWired, Wired, Reuters, UPI, CNN, Yahoo!, E!, and others.

The Wired Post (10:23am 3.Apr.97.PST)
The HotWired Post (3:18pm 3.Apr.97.EDT
E! Online Post (6:42pm 3.Apr.97.PST)
UPI Post (7:25pm 3.Apr.97.EST)

Mongo BearWolf's
Shadow Changes into Bone

Said to be the "clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg," this site is absolutely the ultimate resource for photographs, poetry samples, internet links, et al.

As far as the tribute pages go, this site has loads of useful information on readings, real world tributes, and other events in cities around the US.

Literary Kicks'
For Allen Ginsberg

Direct from the BEAT-L-- the absolute mailing list for the Beat Generation Discussions-- and compiled by Levi Asher-- the web's authority on Beat information-- this page offers some of the most heart-touching sentiments made in honor of Allen Ginsberg.

Naropa Institute's
Allen Ginsberg's Memorial

Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics supplies us with wonderful photographs, essays, and soon to be poetry, scholarship information, and more.

If you have any information, stories, etc. that you'd like to send them, please feel free to email

The Netizen's Tribute
Ginsberg: A Web unto Himself

Written by Steve Silberman, senior cultural correspondent for Wired News, and source for many Ginsberg interviews and other such digerati literary personas, this memorial is not only informative, but personal and very real.

Also visit this wonderful interview between Steve and Allen as Ginsberg meets the web for the first time, as well as Ginsberg's Scrap Leaves off of Steve's homepage here on

David Carter of
Allen Ginsberg & Associates
Dear Friends of Allen, In the spirit of Allen's manic clipping and collecting EVERYTHING, Allen's office would love to have clippings regarding his death for Allen's archives. If you're able to send us any, could you please note the name of the publication and the date and page number? If anyone happens to record any tv or radio programs or news coverage, we'd love to have copies of those too.

Materials can be mailed to:

Allen Ginsberg & Associates
P.O. Box 582
Stuyvesant Station, NY 10009

Please feel free to copy this info and pass it on to other Ginsberg sites or circulate among your friends.

a patti smith babelogue honors
Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)

Created by the webmistress of the Patti Smith Babelogue, this wonderful site tells of Ginsberg's importance to Patti Smith, and includes a collection of poetry and stories from fans of both artists.

The Boston Phoenix
Reflecting on one of America's great poets

A eulogy to Allen Ginsberg, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lloyd Schwartz.

Jerry Aronson's
Feature documentary by Jerry Aronson, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ALLEN GINSBERG, is currently available for $29.50. For more information please call 1-800-488-6652.

eGuide to Allen Ginsberg

A nice collection of memorial sites, information on Ginsberg memorial services, and news clippings from the San Fran area.

Media Spin's
In Memory of Allen Ginsberg

Hank Grebe's video grabs from WISC-TV show with Allen Ginsberg ~1982.

Ron Whitehead's

From the mouth of leading literary renaissance man of our time, Ron captures his uninhibited flood of emotions in this honest poetic eulogy.

Media Spin's
In Memory of Allen Ginsberg

Hank Grebe's video grabs from WISC-TV show with Allen Ginsberg ~1982.

Mick Cusimano's
The Beat Generation

Mick's wonderful little corner of Harvard supplies us with a wonderful collection of original collage photographs of both Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti, along with other interesting stories and information.

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