Perry Lindstrom

Mr. Lindstrom’s personal goal is simply to become the first poet billionaire.

For centuries powerful psychic information packets have been passed from one poet to the next – leaving the general public out in the metaphorical cold. For the first time the secret spiritual power of poetry will be revealed. By offering these secrets at a very reasonable price, Mr. Lindstrom will respond to the need for Mr. Joe Average to feel part of  a larger quasi-messianic structure  – kind of like Amway – and in so doing he will make himself and all his future generations fabulously wealthy – also, kind of like Amway.

Mr. Lindstrom resides in a heavily armed paramilitary fortress in Arlington, Virginia with his long-suffering, literary agent wife, two dogs and an Amazon parrot. He is an economist who is actually paid with tax-payers’ money (something for you tax-payers to ponder – or another reason to stop paying taxes).

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