ModernWhile the suits'll tell you that the modern bohemian minds are those that are selling the dollars, truth is (from the bohemian standard) that the only modern bohemian is the bohemian who ain't making the buck. Making the big time doesn't count you out of the category-- only puts you down permanent in the history books (thus the HISTORY category). As the term bohemian implys, the modern bohemian is meeting the grind with little more than bus fair in his pocket and a 2 o'clock shift at Kinko's to make (go Bil!). Where the modern bohemian differs from the INDIEs is that we all got quick access to his newest chapbook or latest spoken word release. These are the bohemians that are on the tip of every hipster's tongue when they're proving that they're more than well read, but involved in the industry as well.

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