1996: An Anticipation of the Eschaton?

1996 offers a global laboratory in which to observe the prediction of a dramatic plunge into novelty. Already scheduled for '96 is a Russian election in early June, an American election in November. The Resonances are suggesive of...of what? Only two other one year periods in the 20th Century have experienced rapid descents into novelty that can compare with 1996; they are 1928--29 and 1940--41.

Best Guess Department:
On September 12, 1995 the best guess was: A Zheranovsky win in the Russian Presidential election near the 1996 novelty maxima. And a Colin Powell win in the American polling.

Best Guess Department: On November 12, 1995 the best guess was: No guess at all. Colin Powell's decision not to run makes Clinton's position more secure and the US election less novel. 1996 novelty will have to come from somewhere other than US presidential politics.

The data from the direct resonance seem to imply that an Islamic consolidation, collapse in China and technological breakthroughs may play a part in 1996's unfoldment. The assumed end date is December 21, 2012.

1996 Direct Resonance data for other cultures:

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