Novelty & Concrescence

Novelty is used here in a way defined by Alfred North Whitehead:
Creativity is the principle of novelty. Creativity introduces novelty into the content of the many, which are the universe disjunctively. The creative advance is the application of this ultimate principle of creativity to each novel situation which it originates. The ultimate metaphysical principle is the advance from disjunction to conjunction, creating a novel entity other than the entities given in disjunction. The novel entity is at once the togetherness of the 'many' which it finds and also it is one among the disjunctive ' many' which it leaves; it is a novel entity, disjunctively among the many entities which it synthesises. The many become one, and are increased by one. In their natures, entities are disjunctively 'many' in process of passage into conjunctive unity... Thus the 'production of novel togetherness' is the ultimate notion embodied in the term concrescence. These ultimate notions of 'production of novelty' and 'concrete togetherness' are inexplicable either in terms of higher universals or in terms of the components participating in the concrescence. The analysis of the components abstracts from the concrescence. The sole appeal is to intuition. (Process and Reality, p. 26)
Here are pointers to Whitehead resources:
I have elaborated Whitehead's notion of novelty into a formal mathematical speculation concerning the fundamental architecture of time. A quick introduction to these ideas is my essay on the Time Wave and Temporal Resonance from The Archaic Revival..

To get an idea of the explanatory power of Novelty Theory, take a look at The Time Wave and History, a large file which shows the full sweep of the Time Wave across several million years, right up to the Omega point.

Novelty Theory makes predictions concerning the amount of novelty present in any temporal domain including the future. Check out the monthly Novelty report, a graphic representation of the way the theory has predicted recent ebb and flow of novelty on planet earth. Or take a look at the future, what little is left of it.

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For those who cut no corners: Where the Timewave Came From

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Pointers to realtime updates of shifting perimeters in various novelty domains:.
Novelty Theory has roots in several branches of research mathematics:

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