The Time Wave and History

If we demand of the theory a prediction as to the moment of the elusive Big Bang then a likely candidate would be 22 billion years in the past. A value that is at variance with the current debate on the issue. This is currently a lively area of debate and uncertainty concerning this value allows Timewave Zero to offer a prediction based the unique assumptions of the theory

NO REASON not to open with the big picture as far as the earth is concerned. This family snapshot is of a span of 7 billion years, a period of time greater than the age of the earth. The now well documented collision of a Mars sized object with the primordial earth which caused the accretion of the moon shows as a very dramatic plunge into novelty. Life's emergence almost immediately afterwards in geological time is also in good agreement with the wave.

The ebb and flow of earth's biota has been driven and occasionally interrupted by large scale extinction events. The most recent of these occurred at the KT boundary with the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Here is a view of the last 65 million years, a period of time that saw the evolution of the mammals and the eventual emergence of the higher primates. At this scale the rise of Homo sapiens occupies only a small but highly novel part of the picture.

The last ten million years is the time span in which the emergence of humanity and our recent ancestors occurred.

The last 50,000 years show a dramatic ebb and flow of circumstances as novelty, in the form of new behaviors and new technologies, makes itself felt. Following the last melting of the glaciers some 17,000 years ago the descent into novelty appears almost uninterrupted at this scale.

Here human history, from the building of the Great Pyramid in 2790 BC until 2012 AD is contrasted with the length of time during which human beings have been using fire and perhaps language.

History's Fractal Mountain shows clearly here, a span of time that includes most of what is conventionally called human history. The accomplishments of ancient Egypt show clearly as do the cultural oscillations that followed the fall of the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty.

This graph makes clear that the Golden Age of Greece, occurring in a general ambience of great novelty nevertheless appears as an even deeper acceleration of the novelty of cultural tendencies already in play. Buddha, Mencius, Confucius, Lao-Tzu & Ezekial were also novel personalities that flourished during this same well defined period.

This is a dramatic demonstration of the power of the theory to anticipate historical events. Every major episode of great novelty since the birth of the Prophet Mohammed appears in its proportional importance here. It is clear that with striking accuracy the Timewave correctly predicts the ebb and flow of historical vicissitude over the most recent 1500 years.

The 1960's represented the decade of the great turning point in Twentieth Century history. The technologies and social movements of the '60s are clearly shown to be responsible for the cascade into deeper novelty that characterized the decades that follow those tumultuous times.

Resonances are basic to the theory of the timewave. Here is a tantalizing one, perhaps a suggestion that a future US presidential election will be fortuitously in direct resonance with a major historical event of major consequences in the past.

Here are a series of interesting direct resonances. The explosion of new life forms in the Cambrian, the crucifixion of Christ and the murder of Anwar Sadat are in perfect resonance. Can you fill in the blanks? Want more Timewave material?

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