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Goethe's Faust

Dedication - Prelude on the Stage - Prologue in Heaven

The First Part of the Tragedy

Faust's study
outside the gate of the town
Faust's study
Faust's study
Auerbach's cellar in Leipsic
Witch's kitchen
A street
A neat little room
A promenade
The neighbour's house
A street
A garden - A garden house
Forest and cavern
Gretchen's room - Martha's garden
At the well -The ramparts -The street before Gretchen's door.
Walpurgis night - Walpurgis night's dream
A dismal day. A field. - Night. An open field.
A prison

The Second Part

Act I.
Pleasing landscape
The Emperor's Palace - The Throne room
A spacious hall
Pleasure garden
A dark gallery
Brightly lighted halls
Hall of the knights
Act II.
Faust's chamber
Classical Walpurgis night
By the Upper Peneas - By the Lower Peneas - By the Upper Peneas
Rocky coves of the Aegean Sea

Act III.
[This will be added shortly.]

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