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Different ways of looking at alchemy
There are many different ways of looking at alchemy, the practical, the symbolic, the psychological and the scholarly being the primary perspectives.
  • As a proto-chemistry, which gave a new impulse towards the preparation of medicinal remedies
  • As a source of symbolism, in which various groupings of powerful archetypal symbols were brought together
  • As providing insights into psychology, the inner archetypal structure of human thinking and feeling
  • As a meditative exploration of the human soul through undertaking allegorical journeys
  • As a type of mysticism, in which the alchemical transformation is paralleled with mystical experiences, and religious ideas.
  • As giving insights into the metaphysical, which in a strange way elaborates parallels between alchemy and the investigations of present day physics
  • As a newly recognised influence on cultural history, alchemy is now seen by historians of ideas as an important shaper of the world view of various writers, artists and musicians

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