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Writings About Jack Kerouac (48K)
Jack Kerouac Character Alias Key

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Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation
Bibliography of Kerouac's Work at the Beat Generation Catalog
Jack Kerouac: Dharma Bum

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Excerpt from On the Road
Another excerpt from On the Road

Articles, Essays, Reviews

"Inside the Kerouac Legacy"
"Ghosts of Beat Generation Haunt North Beach"
"Life Line of the Beat Generation"
Short review of On the Road

Mailing List, Newsgroup

Mailing list: BEAT-L
Newsgroup: alt.books.beatgeneration

Kerouac Recordings

Kerouac kicks joy darkness (Ryko)
A Jack Kerouac ROMnibus
Kerouac audio files
Kerouac readings (audio files)
Kerouac at Mystic Fire Video
Green Island Spoken Audio Cooperative Library (which sells recordings of Kerouac)

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Kerouac at the Internet Movie Database
City Lights Books
"A letter to Jack Kerouac"

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