Albuquerque's Flaming Tongue's INC

In the early nineties Albuquerque experienced a live poetry boom. Readings and spoken word venues sprang up, new voices emerged. In order to continue to flourish, the scene needed some consolidation, as well as additional sources of funding, and a connection with similar movements in other parts of the country. Flaming Tongue's efforts include the Albuquerque Poetry Festival, a local Poet's Guild, and a number of newsletters, on-line and off.

The Albuquerque Poetry Festival
The Tongue
Carp Online
The Albuquerque Poet

Austin International Poetry Festival

The Austin International Poetry Festival is an annual event held in Austin, Texas. The festival gathers poets and audience members from all over the globe to share in an extended weekend of readings, performances, and activities. We invite you to join us for our 5th annual festival during National Poetry Month, April 1997.

The Austin Chronicle: Vol. 14, Issue 39
The Austin Chronicle: Vol. 15, Issue 18
The Austin Chronicle: Vol. 15, Issue 47
Mike Henry

Burning Man Festival

Burning Man is an annual festival held in the high desert wilderness of Northern Nevada. Each year, thousands of artists, performers and free spirits converge on the Playa of the Black Rock Desert, the largest flat expanse of land in North America, for a weekend-long celebration that culminates in the ritual burning of an enormous human effigy.

The Burning Man Festival
The ARC Review
Burning Man Festival Documentary
Burning Man Connections
Burning Man Archives
Burning Man Table of Contents
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