Novelty & Habit in July & August 1996

The novelty situation over the next two months shows a sedate but persistent return to descent into record levels of novelty. We are now experiencing the most novel period of the entire decade of the 90's. The novelty plunge of the spring brought the completion of the sequencing of the human genome, an unpredicted comet, brightest since 1558, the first successful nano assembler and a powerful challenge to Novelty Theory itself. What lies ahead is a slowed but neverrtheless hectic assimilation of the shift of the April to May period.

Late breaking Novelty, Alerts, Breakthroughs and Deaths.

Announcing a new mailing list, Novelty, to discuss Novelty Theory, the Timewave, 2012 etc. To subscribe, send email to with the following message: subscribe novelty Firstname Lastname. You will receive instructions by auto-reply. To post messages to the list, send them to

The Archive of Past Novelty Reports:

More about Novelty Theory.

Including criticism of Novelty Theory

Time Wave Zero Advanced with sixty page manual for the Mac or DOS platform can be ordered from Blue Water Publishing.

There is also a German language version of the MS-DOS flavor of Timewave Zero with manual. Send e mail to Dieter for more information.

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