Novelty & Habit:
November & December '98

This Novelty report uses the TW1 values from the Sheliak corrected Timewave. (see announcement below) All of Timewave One Wave which precedes the 2012 singularity is displayed in the lower frame. The Novelty Report for the next two months appears in the upper frame. Dramatic local fluctuations will characterize the time stream over the next two months. Such fluctuation tend to behave like damped oscillations, that is they tend to die away quickly with little long term impact. We are now experiencing a relatively gentle nearly uninterrupted descent into Novelty that achieves maximum on the 10th of February, 1999. We are in resonance with an era that stretches from 1108 until 1118, the beginning of the Gothic Middle Ages. In 1111 Adelard of Bath advance an early approach to the scientific method in his "Questiones naturales" It is a undigested gloss of Arabic science. Simultaneously Omar Khayyam become the first to solve equations using cubics. Europe ascendant, Islamic science in eclipse.

We are still working the bugs out of the software that generates the new values. Hopefully future Novelty reports will display more detailed scaling and more labeling. Thanks for your patience.

Important Novelty Announcement

Late breaking Novelty.

Announcing an e mail list, Novelty, to discuss Novelty Theory, the Timewave, 2012 etc. To subscribe, send email to with the following message: subscribe novelty Firstname Lastname. You will receive instructions by auto-reply. To post messages to the list, send them to

The Archive of Past Novelty Reports (these are uncorrected TWZ graphs, soon to be replaced by TW1 graphs:

More about Novelty Theory.

Including criticism of Novelty Theory and free downloadable versions of the DOS/Windows software.

Time Wave Zero Advanced with sixty page manual for the Mac can be ordered from Blue Water Publishing.

There is also a German language version of the MS-DOS flavor of Timewave Zero with manual. Send e mail to Dieter for more information.

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