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Alchemical graphics, emblems and drawings.

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Alchemical music from Atalanta fugiens
Searchable database of alchemical emblems [500 + images]

Paintings and other artwork

Alchemy in art
Alchemical engravings handcoloured by Adam McLean [Over 70 items]
Portraits of alchemists and hermetic philosophers
Heretical Diagrams - A suite of 20 prints by Ian Howard.
Three paintings by Rick Grimes formerly in the P.R.S. (including a portrait of Frater Albertus)
Images from manuscripts and books Cabala mineralis manuscript
Nicolas Flamel - The figures of Abraham the Jew
Illustrations from the Aurora consurgens manuscript
Titlepages to Robert Fludd's books
Woodcuts from Nazari
The mystical heart diagrams of Paul Kaym
Splendor Solis images
Images of alchemical apparatus Images from Greek alchemical manuscripts
Images from Greek alchemical manuscript in Venice
Images from Greek alchemical manuscripts in Paris
Chemical utensils from Libavius Alchymia, 1606.
Vessels for digestion and circulation from Libavius Alchymia, 1606.
Still heads from Libavius Alchymia, 1606.
Other chemical utensils from Libavius Alchymia, 1606.
Receivers from Libavius Alchymia, 1606.
Apparatus for analysis and separation from Andreas Libavius, Alchymia..., 1606.
Idealised design for a chemical institute, from Alchymia, 1606.
42 woodcuts of alchemical and distilling apparatus from John French The art of distillation
Late mediaeval Indian alchemical apparatus.
Indian alchemical apparatus.
Alchemical symbols for substances, processes and equipment. Egyptian symbols for the metals.
Alchemical symbols used in 17th century.
Alchemical and chemical symbols used by Scheele (18th century)
Chemical symbols used by Dalton (19th century)
Other material Enochian, Rosicrucian or Elemental Chess.